We list here a few of the authors who have entertained us at previous lunches.

Keggie Carew

Keggie Carew grew up under the spell of an unorthodox father. An undercover guerrilla agent during the Second World War, in peacetime he lived on his wits …

Keggie Carew Dadland by Keggie Carew

Keggie Carew website >

Harry Mount

Harry Mount, the Oldie editor, wrote Summer Madness: How Brexit Split the Tories, Destroyed Labour and Divided the Country.

Harry Mount Summer Madness by Harry Mount

Harry Mount website >

Rory Clements

The new Rory Clements novel Nucleus, second in the Tom Wilde series of thrillers, is set at the start of WW2 in the Cavendish Laboratory Cambridge as German sympathisers attempt to steal atomic secrets.

Rory Clements Nucleus by Rory Clements

Rory Clements website >

Helen Pankhurst

Deeds not Words: Combining historical insight with inspiring argument, Deeds not Words reveals how far women have come since the suffragette movement launched 100 years ago.

Helen Pankhurst Deeds not Words by Helen Pankhurst

Photo by Virginie Naudillon

Ian Porter

The arrival of American troops into Europe saw the Great War coming to a conclusion in 2018, but the troops were carrying a deadly flu virus which rampages through Europe.

Ian Porter A Plague On Both Your Houses

Mark Hill

DI Ray Drake, the morally corrupt central character, is woven into a cleverly constructed crime novel set in the East End of London.

Mark Hill Two O'Clock Boy

Photo by Tom Watkins

Mark Hill website >

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson Wild About Richmond & Kew

The wildlife and natural beauty of Richmond’s open spaces is celebrated in a new book by Barnes photographer Andrew Wilson.

Lord Chris Patten

This autobiography is not the usual glowing self-congratulatory justification of a politician’s career.  It confirms his position as an elder statesman of great and valuable experience.



Philip Collins

The crisis engulfing the country following the Brexit Vote confirmation that our current  politicians are failing us. Is this the when we will see a new party emerge?



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