Tuesday 12th April Lunch, 12:30 - teacher, lecturer and Jungian psychoanalyst

Salley Vickers is the author of many highly acclaimed novels, including Miss Garnet’s Angel, The Cleaner of Chartres, Cousins, The Librarian, which was a top ten Sunday Times bestseller, Grandmothers, and two short story collections, The Boy Who Could See Death. She was born in Liverpool and grew up in the Potteries, in Stoke-on-Trent. She has worked as a teacher of children with special needs, a university teacher of literature and as Jungian psychoanalyst, she now lectures and writes full time.

Tim Battle, Librarian, comments:
The art of a good author is to draw the reader in, get them engaged with the characters, share their journey, want to know their fate. Vickers never lets her reader, or her heroine, subside into complacency; there is always, she reminds us, more work to be done.

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In collaboration with The Open Book, Richmond’s oldest bookshop, we are reviewing whom to invite for 2022.

Librarian, Curator Tim Battle at timbattle@gmail.com would welcome any feedback, suggestions you might have.

Suggestions for future events

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Gail Honeyman– Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine    Costa Book Award for First Novel

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Anna Burns – Milkman     Inventive, funny novel about The Troubles in Northern Ireland

Chimamanda Ngoze Adiche   Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian novelist, writer of short stories, and nonfiction

Ben Macintyre- The Spy and the Traitor    Described by John Le Carre as The Best True Spy Story I have Ever Read

Giles Milton- D-Day     The definitive boots-on-the-ground account of the greatest invasion in history.

Kate Raworth-Doughnut Economics    A Financial Times “Best Book of 2017

Roger Moorhouse-The Third Reich in 100 Objects    ‘Fascinating objects that expose the poisonous reality of Hitler’s Germany’ Dan Snow

Anita Anand-Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary    ‘The story is fast-paced and thrilling … A noble book *****’   The Daily Telegraph.

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