Richmond Literary Lunches ambition is to enable authors to engage with their public in a pleasant ambiance.

Our events take place at Royal-Mid Surrey Golf Club, Old Deer Park, in a wonderful dining room with a view to Kew Gardens, the Kings Observatory, the Pagoda, two golf courses, whilst enjoying a delicious two course lunch and a glass of wine.

Sometimes three authors speak, alternatively an author has a Conversation before a Q&A session.

The Open Book, Richmond’s Oldest Bookshop, helps us to bring to Richmond Literary Lunches a broad brush of authors to share their creativity with us. They provide books at a discount for authors to endorse.

Kew Bridge Travel, who want to open people’s eyes to the world of travel, has joined us as our sponsor. Their involvement enables us to bring authors from further afield to enliven readers and their friends. Their mission is to create holidays  and trips which are journeys of discovery, carefully crafted for each individual, inspired by nature, history and culture, creating memories to last a lifetime. We should ask ourselves how many big holidays do we have left?

Kew Bridge Travel contact: tour advisor John Coles, 020 8032 3461  07973 509 910,

Tim Battle, Founder, Curator of Richmond Literary Lunches is keen to share his love of reading.

Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long, hard day, makes that day happier.

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